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At the Whim of the Mistress

Mistress of Lostie Island
14 March 1985
External Services:
  • projectlost@livejournal.com
WHO: The Mistress of Lostie Island
WHAT: Make-You-Think reviews of that wonderful yet awkward show, Lost.
WHEN: As soon as possible.
WHERE: Right here!
WHY: As a firm believer that art and literature aren't limited to novels and artsy-fartsy films, it is my goal to dissect, analyze, and milk Lost for everything that it's worth. I'm a huge fan of what Mike Jenoff did with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the beautiful Jacob over at Television Without Pity has done with Battlestar Galactica. I aim to make you laugh, make you think, learn a little something, and appreciate Lost (and television as an art form, if done well) along the way.

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To contact the Mistress: projectlost@livejournal.com
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